Trust Ourselves

Let me begin

Getting stress out of your life takes more than prayer alone. You must take action to make changes and stop doing whatever is causing the stress. You can learn to calm down in the way you handle things.”

Joyce Meyer

with this quote which is quite relevant to my everyday thoughts.

We all are in a hurry -blurry life… yea… you noticed “blurry”, it is kind of blurred vision around, as we are quite sceptical in anything we do.

It so happened that, I have a bad tendency to observe people around me, indeed I take the good things from them and discard the rest, the same happens with the talks too.

It is ideal if we learn to ignore most thoughts.

Most mothers like me, who chose to be at home with kids, as well as work remotely have kind of figured out what we need from life. A little financial independence to boost our confidence and “be good” to our fellow human beings around. It is rather important for me, as a mother to be “independent” at times,- NO, it is not jealousy or inferiority complex, it is the need to keep ourselves happier.

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“A happy you is a reflection of Happy ME”

Unlike mine, there are other mothers who ensure they find their happiness in something that always assured them 100% happiness. I agree that everyone should do the same. The more you carry a positive attitude, the better you do in your life and you attract much more positively.

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There was a time when I was stumbling on everything I did, it practically agitated me,  but the people around me grieved much more. I was in a stage when , actually I wanted to much more, but frustrated as my situations were acting weird. My inner self fought constantly with my outer-being, unable to understand that I always had a simple solution to this conflict.

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And I figured it out – IT was “WAIT” .

Most of the times, we all are in a hurry to do something or achieve something and we forget that our random actions only victimize our children, whom we adore the most. I was in a running spree to be what I ever wanted, forgetting that there are tiny little ones who are still needing my help to stand-up in their life.

We confuse ourselves a lot :

We feel we want a job.

We feel we will be outdated and never taken back to work

We feel that we will be treated like slaves at home

we feel that we may be victimised like a troubled housewife

We also get scared of being ill-treated by our children one day.

Are they not just anxiety-stricken thoughts? 

It actually bothered me once, but then I realised it was nothing I need to grieve much. Before building a house, we build a foundation. And I realised I was the foundation for my children, all I need to do is to teach them to be independent and understand me in a much better way. Later it would be a blessing rather than a boon.

Being MOM takes up so much courage, as your kids look up to you. When I watched English Vinglish movie, actually it bothered me a lot, about being ill-treated or disregarded once.

But then, I realised it is up to us to perform the best, the audience will automatically applaud.

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Instead, if I hurried away assuming my life was too little and need to achieve my goals, I forget to teach what Family means to my kids.  I have seen people who try to master every kind of art , and actually ending up with nothing but a messed up life.

God has immensely gifted us with Patience, and I believe it is time we make use of it in the right way.

Again, its choice to be what you want.

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All we have to do is ” TRUST OURSELVES”.


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