Like a rainbow…

blue green orange and red rainbow design decoration

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Like a rainbow

I began my journey

filling in colours

but emptying mine

creating a hollow

unable to fill in with life

creating voids in myself

finally befitting myself

to be just thrown away once,

from every other color, I filled in

as my soul becomes an emptiness

never to be filled by happiness

awaiting it…

I let myself sing along…



Like an emerald but a stone

mossy rocks by the ocean

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A smile so deceiving

mould with the life nearby

like moss on the stone

I composed everything in perfection

for none to penetrate in me

laid perfectly like a pebble in the ocean bed

even when stumped million times

to deck up the ocean

like an emerald shining from outside

but just a rock beneath

unable to weep or breakaway

as I lay the foundation.




rear view of woman standing on beach

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A parched soul

as I am

lost in the anarchy of the world

stumbling away

like a lost ship in the sea

unknown paths I tread

impatiently anticipating to be revived

I absorb the poison served as an elixir

contaminating myself, yet anxious to be shielded

when a piece of me succumbed

I tread away in search of harmony

yet they, curse me away

pushing me into an entropy

wherein no words I did utter against them

All they break is the peace within me….




When will you visit me inner peace?

bird s eye view photography of road in the middle of desert

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My thoughts

bargain with my inner peace

never letting it come over to be my guest

evading my wisdom

shadowing my emotions

with rage and frustrations

igniting flurries of anger than passion

I stay gazing at my inner peace

from my penultimate shell

imagining what it would be like

being visited by my inner peace

which is caged in the invisible cage.



photo of gray sneakers

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A moment to pause

to think

to rewind

to fall back into your past

where you were cosy and content

a time to recollect but …

it remains a shadow

unable to hold on….