Random Musings….

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We all are born to be something different

Do you believe it?

If we believe something like that, then we ought to do it.

I am not blabbering, its just random thoughts that are suffocating in my brain which I need to put it through. Here I am going to break open my brain and let you sway in it , so hope you enjoy it.


Offlate When I am more of lonely,

I realised being alone is a great challenge. Anyone can tread away in a group, but standing alone takes up a lot of courage. I am always in an urge to gear up my thoughts to a journey where I am just alone and only words accompany me.

I am ready to face any kind of rejections, it never strange to me. Ever since I began to do things that i was fond of I had to hurdle so many thoughts as such. It is hard to convince a heart when it is already clouded by thoughts that are malign.

I may be a spoiled one, a nomadic one whose thoughts never surrender to others emotions. I always have a bad attitude towards people who try to lock me up – I tend to be more of a revolutionary.

It is hard to convince me, something I am not ready to accept fully. One might see me surrender to them, but i am not good enough to fake it too.

Image result for maya angelou quotes

Indeed !!!

I prefer to change my attitude towards it.

Preferably I do not accept to follow every rule… that is written by some aficionado (maniac) . I follow and play by my rules which I took an oath not to break but of course, you might see, I am quite pliable to my own rules.

Thereby, I decided to bend, not to someone, but to my own world of words…

I just added a little love(L) to help me bend to make a b(l)end of me before I walk away from life.


And that the version of me you read here…

but purely a creative blend …

So stay awake as you read

and tread away as you dream.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Reading~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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