I decided to detox

nature red forest fog
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Most of the time, toxic people fill in our lives and dull over life over poisoning everything around us.

Today finally I decided to detoxify my life.

Beginning with throwing out a few people in my social media, which is indeed taking me a long time, for once I quit myself everything to check whether the detoxification works… And to my surprise it didn’t, instead, they tread their way to reach me, through other means. Maybe they are smarter than me .. and  I am a dumbass…

Finally I kind of dropped the idea.. it never works out.

How can you throw people out of your life, when they actually are not leaving…but leaving a scratch on your soul.

brown and white bear plush toy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A scratch …that is terrible visible to none but painful to me.

Interestingly detoxification is a two-way thing, you need to blend in and let yourself purify than throw out the poisonous ones. Toxic people have impressive stamina to retain the place even when they are kicked out. Hence finally winning over the battle of detoxification, I decided not to remove the toxic ones out of my life.

Life needs to have both good and bad, else how do we know which is good.

There is a saying, without tasting the bad wine, how do we know how a good one tastes like. It is the same way, to grow up in life, we need to be mature enough to ride along with the worst people to know the worth of a good one.

Let us all face the bad eggs before the good ones arrive, so we learn to value them.

close up photography of a woman looking up
Photo by Murilo Folgosi on Pexels.com


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