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“Think freely, do things with your dedication”

Does everyone mean it when they say it?

It is hard to understand people, most of them behave the opposite of what they say.  For me, poetry was a reflection of my thoughts that gives me a break from the monotony, I shared it to the world, to bring in love and peace.

My crime was that I did it.

People hardly understand, why they are like that..

for me the moment I conceded, I decided to be what I wanted to be by hook or crook. I bleed words, it is my passion, it is like air to my lungs.. hard to survive when I don’t do it right.

Like breathing —can’t be done with guidelines or filters, it was impossible for me to keep filters in my thoughts…

I break open my wounds, let my veins bleed until I am empty.

Here I begin the journey to be someone … I wished to be

even when my names are erased from the pages of heart

I keep writing as if I cut my veins ..and let it bleed until I heal.

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