A faint piece of Memory

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Cumulating my thoughts

that stranded away on my journey

today I lay beneath the fallen leaves

turning myself into a memory

not knowing

if anyone care to recollect

or deliberately forget

awaiting the call of a memory

from someone I truly desire

which I chose to wait

even when the end of my life

failed to gift me with the person

I wished fondly remembers me

even as a faint piece of memory

in his timeline of life.


I decided to detox

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Most of the time, toxic people fill in our lives and dull over life over poisoning everything around us.

Today finally I decided to detoxify my life.

Beginning with throwing out a few people in my social media, which is indeed taking me a long time, for once I quit myself everything to check whether the detoxification works… And to my surprise it didn’t, instead, they tread their way to reach me, through other means. Maybe they are smarter than me .. and  I am a dumbass…

Finally I kind of dropped the idea.. it never works out.

How can you throw people out of your life, when they actually are not leaving…but leaving a scratch on your soul.

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A scratch …that is terrible visible to none but painful to me.

Interestingly detoxification is a two-way thing, you need to blend in and let yourself purify than throw out the poisonous ones. Toxic people have impressive stamina to retain the place even when they are kicked out. Hence finally winning over the battle of detoxification, I decided not to remove the toxic ones out of my life.

Life needs to have both good and bad, else how do we know which is good.

There is a saying, without tasting the bad wine, how do we know how a good one tastes like. It is the same way, to grow up in life, we need to be mature enough to ride along with the worst people to know the worth of a good one.

Let us all face the bad eggs before the good ones arrive, so we learn to value them.

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Today as I was bathing my daughter after school, this thought pondered my brain..

She was busy playing in the water

to chill the afternoon heat,

finally, she kicks me out to play alone

then as I watch her, she will be pouring the close to one-fourth of the filled bucket into a cup.

Here I was struck with the rod of thinking..

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Yes !!!

Here it happened …

I wondered why she was trying to fill a small cup with double or triple times of filled bucket of water.

We all tend to do the same….its a human error as I can say.

Many a time, I used to do a lot more than required. Even its just a mere lunch or be it something I ought to do in daily chores, I do a tiny bit more.Like if I have to cook for four people, I add a tiny little more, expecting someone might more hungry and have it.

And what do I benefit from?

Nothing as such

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Like an overfilled Mug, the rest goes wasted.

EMotions also tend to be the same. We tend to give in more to any relation, may be expecting or not expecting much, still, we get stranded. This is the basic human behaviour.

We actually expect a lot more support, a lot more love and a lot in everything, but like spill over, most of the times, even the necessary ones gets spilt away with the mere want of more and more.

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We need to expect only when the moments are not saturated.


Random Musings….

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We all are born to be something different

Do you believe it?

If we believe something like that, then we ought to do it.

I am not blabbering, its just random thoughts that are suffocating in my brain which I need to put it through. Here I am going to break open my brain and let you sway in it , so hope you enjoy it.


Offlate When I am more of lonely,

I realised being alone is a great challenge. Anyone can tread away in a group, but standing alone takes up a lot of courage. I am always in an urge to gear up my thoughts to a journey where I am just alone and only words accompany me.

I am ready to face any kind of rejections, it never strange to me. Ever since I began to do things that i was fond of I had to hurdle so many thoughts as such. It is hard to convince a heart when it is already clouded by thoughts that are malign.

I may be a spoiled one, a nomadic one whose thoughts never surrender to others emotions. I always have a bad attitude towards people who try to lock me up – I tend to be more of a revolutionary.

It is hard to convince me, something I am not ready to accept fully. One might see me surrender to them, but i am not good enough to fake it too.

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Indeed !!!

I prefer to change my attitude towards it.

Preferably I do not accept to follow every rule… that is written by some aficionado (maniac) . I follow and play by my rules which I took an oath not to break but of course, you might see, I am quite pliable to my own rules.

Thereby, I decided to bend, not to someone, but to my own world of words…

I just added a little love(L) to help me bend to make a b(l)end of me before I walk away from life.


And that the version of me you read here…

but purely a creative blend …

So stay awake as you read

and tread away as you dream.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Reading~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




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“Think freely, do things with your dedication”

Does everyone mean it when they say it?

It is hard to understand people, most of them behave the opposite of what they say.  For me, poetry was a reflection of my thoughts that gives me a break from the monotony, I shared it to the world, to bring in love and peace.

My crime was that I did it.

People hardly understand, why they are like that..

for me the moment I conceded, I decided to be what I wanted to be by hook or crook. I bleed words, it is my passion, it is like air to my lungs.. hard to survive when I don’t do it right.

Like breathing —can’t be done with guidelines or filters, it was impossible for me to keep filters in my thoughts…

I break open my wounds, let my veins bleed until I am empty.

Here I begin the journey to be someone … I wished to be

even when my names are erased from the pages of heart

I keep writing as if I cut my veins ..and let it bleed until I heal.