In the corner of his heart…

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Every endearment,

was the reflection of his love

as if he really meant it

his eyes never turned away

even when I was at my worst

the most vulnerable times

he took me in my arms

as if I was his child

caressing me,

holding me tight  to overcome my weakness

even the tears rolled down, recalling every moment we had

his love just brushed away all my pointless fears

as I knew he would behold me

like a sacred earning in the corner of his soul

which is only permissible to him.



When he looked at me…

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Reflexing my thoughts

were your presence

the more I stayed away

the more it pulled me closer to you

the brush of your nose on mine

with the spiny beard caressing my skin

as your fingers take a stroll in my hair

thrusting the pressure of your hands on my neck

I could feel my heart skip a beat

as in your eyes,

all my confusions dissolved

everything seemed clear

and I just wished to be sublime in you.