Thank you note

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It all happened in the cold winters of the snow-clad areas of Basel, in Switzerland, that I decided to ebb my silence with my words that burst out the insanity. It is almost few years precisely 5 years plus, that I started blogging in here.

Pouring in words that touched my heart, treasuring the most precious moments in my life here. Even though I am never an expert, I decide to take a leap into this ..

Indeed I can say, it was the single most right decision I did ever.

Even though there are better ones in the world, I am just a single one in the crowd,, who is just being followed by merely 1% people who are a mix of people I know and I don’t.

It still makes me feel great…

The blog was a process to revive myself, from some great fall I was pushing myself into.. Gradually my tastes changed, into poetry from writing whatever came into my mind. I had to grow up, at least once even though I outgrew all my dresses and my spaces.

Ever since I know, I always wanted to do things, but to my surprise even if I have the deepest desire to do so, I couldn’t.  Blogging was the only thing I am still sticking onto, ever since I began it. It gave me a tremendous joy of doing something that enticed me. The joy of learning was my personal favourite, even though I am not that great into it.

As I began trying my hands in poetry, the topics that flooded my mind was romance. I never had thought I would be able to pen it down to woo the minds. When I did, I was happy to the reciprocation to the same. Even though many read it, some were reluctant to comment on it(it is quite understandable), as people never want to be termed as an ‘erotic lovers’, but it never bothered me to an extent.

Since this was something I was doing with my whole heart, I never intended to change it. I keep writing most of the days, whatever came into mind, some misjudged me, some appreciated me and some just ignored.

All these never mattered me much, as my sole intention is to continue the same.

I wholeheartedly appreciate people who tempt my heart to publish much more.

Everyday people inspire me

Everyday instances inspire me

Everyday words entice me

Thank you , my world, to be the inspiration for my words…

Thank you once again..




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