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Stop being the protector of God

God knows better than we all human…

if we are together to fight

let us fight against the unlawful acts

the crime against kids which needs justice

the crime against poisoned food, adulterated food being supplied

the crime against our genuine tax money being used up by the politicians

the crime against not providing sufficient infrastructure

the crime against reservations, where equality is never claimed

the richer get richer and the poorer gets pooorer….day by day….

let us all unite to fight against the corruption prevailing,

you neglect the child’s cry or the women who have been abused

none stand together to fight against it,…

is it the fear of fighting against the powerful ones that keep the lips sealed…?

as the fight is only happening against the deities…

who are just stones ….they don’t believe in…

as they won’t speak…or question …



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