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Stop being the protector of God

God knows better than we all human…

if we are together to fight

let us fight against the unlawful acts

the crime against kids which needs justice

the crime against poisoned food, adulterated food being supplied

the crime against our genuine tax money being used up by the politicians

the crime against not providing sufficient infrastructure

the crime against reservations, where equality is never claimed

the richer get richer and the poorer gets pooorer….day by day….

let us all unite to fight against the corruption prevailing,

you neglect the child’s cry or the women who have been abused

none stand together to fight against it,…

is it the fear of fighting against the powerful ones that keep the lips sealed…?

as the fight is only happening against the deities…

who are just stones ….they don’t believe in…

as they won’t speak…or question …


Blinded justice

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When the good becomes the better

the worst is still stranded

awaiting the revolution to save them from drowning

but nil happens, as everyone who is greedy is only benefited

the fight continues within the privileged ones

and the mob becomes the witnesses of the breaking barriers

the barriers which were long gone or on the verge of becoming extinct

but only among the privileged ones…

the stranded remains the same, suffering everything in silence

the liers just move on, solidifying the layer of lies and lies

filling their pockets with the wealth they snatched from the poor

the world has turned monster

which will soon break away

as evil never lives up to be a legend.




Man and Woman

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Me and you,

were born the same

brittle but strong

yet we were brought up differently

one abled and one disabled

but at one point in time

we became one, inseparable

bounded by the cosmic laws of nature

imprinted as just one soul

sharing and complimenting each other

we set on a journey

the thorns pricked us

but we never left each other’s side

as we believed in co-existing

years came and went,

yet we strongly upheld the thoughts

that we together become one, integrated and unperishable

this is man and woman

who build a life on the earth.