What is equality?

I pondered over this question for a long time.

When ones right is another one wrong, how can equality breed?

When one’s belief is other one’s nonsense, how can something exist?

When one’s reality is fake to the other, how can just something be true or false?

Being from the most literate world, I still feel ignorant about things, but yet I know, my truth I hold on to, is the best I can convey to others.

When every other corner of the world is fighting over things like food and being happy, many others are fighting over unwanted things.

Kids, (including boys ) are getting tortured and molested. No home or school is safer for kids. When parents like me are worried about such things, another part of the world is fighting for equality.

Religion is ones choice to worship whomsoever they want. That is the reason why there are temples worshipping human idols ( which are majorly film stars).

If revolution has to bring about:

then it should begin at home.

Teach your sons and daughters they are the best in the way they were born and will become. Do not spoon feed them that one gender is smaller to the other. Treat all with human respect and be courteous to all.

Being grown up in Abu Dhabi for a larger part of my childhood, I learnt one best part that there was no caste system, which was fascinating to me when I arrived back into my native, where I realised people were manipulating law with mere caste as a tool.

The deserved never were awarded, but the underserved were always granted the privileges.

People are just being manipulated in the hands of democracy. I just pity it. Even the greatest wars were fought in the name of personal ego.

Remove Ego in life to proceed further…

Hope the year brings in a fresh gush of thoughts, that dissipate the false and bring in the truth.




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