Her Shining armour

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Thousand stories

left unspelled by her soul

lips muttered nothing

but withered smile

hair lay like uncombed

shading away her eyes

which spoke untold tales

was she a mystery or a collection

of stories that her scars echoed 

but her lips brought in a smile 

without a drop of tear from her starry eyes

as if she held a shining armour

that hid her pain  to the naked eyes.

You bring happiness

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You set out me to a journey

a journey that is endless

I could walk thousand miles

with you in holding me

as you made me stronger

never felt again lonelier 

after you accompanied me

now life seems prettier

pains subside as you showed me

there is always a sunshine after the darkness

you let me believe that

I am born to be yours and my dream’s 

And today I have you and my dreams in hand

wherein I do not have to let go anything

nothing to chose from. 

Intimate essence

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Like the drug 

affliction to my body

you does to my soul

slowly creeping into me 

and conquering me  at a pace

slow but steadily increasing

as I give you the permission to invade me

as I enjoy the texture of your skin

and the aroma that brings out a passionate

amalgamation of you and me

even when you are not near

the aroma lingers all over me

tantalizing every inch of my skin

seducing me to loosen into you completely

which I madly enjoy the most.