My grown-up lil girl

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It was indeed a pleasant morning as I was much more excited than my daughter. For once I never had such enthusiasm as she had in doing the way she did. She defined me completely different, brought me up to be completely different from what I am inside. 

I love these challenges as a part of motherhood. 

Today morning as she draped the saree ( of course my mom’s, as I do have nothing)  -she just stunned me completely. I had a sudden rush of joy and happiness – undefinable.  She looked all grown up as she wore the saree.. completely like a matured one – better than I was. 

I just stood there gulping in those moments, just to live in the moment. In that spur of a moment , I just recollected the days when she was as tiny as I could hold her in my arms. 

Time flies away…

I am glad I am still here with her to witness these moments. 

Yet again..

I never did the same for my mom.

Apologies to her sincerely for not trying to be a little girl as she ever wanted me to. I could never be the “girlish” girl as every mom’s desire.


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