Perfect you

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Only Faith I see

in your eyes

all I need is those arms

to shelter me 

as I dance around the world 

beckoning me ever since I believed in love

your arms is my heaven

and your lips the only nectar I want to taste

let the time sweep away

as long as I am just yours

you carry my secrets and keep me strong

all I fight is with my own self , 

when I have to stop being in your arms.

Memoirs of rain

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Even the drizzle 

reminds me of your lips

kissing me everywhere

drenching my skin 

wetting my lips hidden

with love potion, you evolve

as our souls linger in the silence of the stars.

Fire up

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Blanketed under the starlit sky

you locked your eyes in mine

tickling my belly

savouring the aroma of my skin

smiling at me , as you peck each time

i wished that the moments lasted long

as you move up to my lips

all i wanted you to be locked up there

twisted in my tongue 

warming up each other 

as our eyes never get tired igniting each other.