a journey to endure…

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As I begin to pen down

a huge conflict arise in me

to be the one or fake my words

as i struggle with a pain within

unknown to the lips , as it knows only to smile

exhausted as i am , in my path

unable to quench the thirst of my inner soul

wandered i walked around 

seeking the elixir of life

all the warmth seems like burning me

rather than pushing me up in my journey

lost asI feel , as the path seems dreaded

wish I just open up my eyes

as if it was just a nightmare to be forgotten

nerves still tangled in my body 

voices echoing around me

beckoning me to be suicidal 

yet , all i see is the light awaiting me 

all I have to is endure the journey until it s fulfilled.

am just ME, when am with YOU

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In your eyes

I see a different me

a version that is unseen

all i know is my pulse never stops 

it is like the crackling of the crackers

twinkling in the night sky like the stars

everything seems crystal clear like daylight

our worlds are woven together to be never apart. 

My story with you

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It wonders me 

how do you just know it right

even when the words never conveyed

you just play it right 

like it is just unbelievably ,the best i need

you complete my sentences as if you were me

it is unimaginable  to breathe for a second without you

you make things feel like magic

making me feel , like you are the one 

always my heart wants

skipping a beat everytime 

you gaze at it…

enticing it every moment as you just hover your fingers over it

i do not know, whether you will be my entire book forever to read

but you are on my every page , till the end

as I flick through my life , in your eyes

you are my hero. 

Play like…

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Like kids

play wild and carefree

do not grow up to be serious

all i want is you to explore me with the enthusiasm of a child

everytime you see me

look at me, like magic

as if the world froze

as i give everything in your hands

you just awaken my soul

as i am tired 

you bring into me the energy

every wink , excites me

to proceed to consume you more.


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Wet and drizzling 

you savour me like honey

as you sway around me

you lit me on fire , every inch you cover

as if you are the matchstick and am the box

as you move, am enlightened 

wishing to burst out like a volcano

but flow in sync with your body like the river

the warmth ,oozing over me 

which you can see in my eyes

triggering you to move over to me..

the wait tickles me from inside 

and all i want is you to cover me up

let me be warm beneath you.