Excavating into the depths

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Excavate my deepest treasures

savour them like you have been rummaging for them

your gaze is shrivelling me

my hands don’t know to wait

as it is ready to explore

where my eyes have already crossed

and my reverie has acceded

all I need is you to smile

and here I attack like the lioness

dominated by your heartbeat

as you are stupefied by my eyes

that will blossom the wildest flowers in the sunshine.



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Commit to loving

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Commit to loving me

make love to me every day

like you have being crazy and thirsty all along

consume me like the red wine

let me quench your thirst

ignite the fire in you

at a pace, you wanna dance along 

touch the way, you see me for the first time

love like the way the sea loves the sand

leaving marks of your love on my skin

as if you want to inscribe on me forever. 


Lubrication that slips us in

A little murmur of our skin

Rubbing onto each other

Echoing the rhythm of love

Fueling the passion

From the hidden corners.

All I see is your eyes locked in mine

As you hover over me…

Showering the warmth on my skin

Tangled in your chest hair….is my love locks

Sweat lubricating our uncloaked skin

I lay enticed in your charms

With a smile, that conveys you are mine.