Words that Never Favored me

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Lost in the sophistication of life
emerging to be someone else
who I never desired to be
is a dilemma that is converging in me.

Dreams shattered
embalmed with the responsibilities
all I want to is break away from reality
hard to accept my world that I reformed.

a reformation I rebuilt from the ashes
ashes I arrived in setting myself on fire
the burns and scars echoed my pains
yet the eyes blinded by words never believed

agony passed away
as I stopped being the victim
but nevertheless, did they stopped blaming
the words uttered never favoured me.


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Fringed in the bars

that suffocates me 

even when the gush of air surrounds me

there is nothing i could gulp in

it feels like i am strangled

lungs longing for oxygen to pour in

i stand there in deep despair

yet nothing could be done

just gazing at the far front freedom

that lingers around me

proceeding to the horizon

which is just a step away from me

leaving me all stranded. 

My grown-up lil girl

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It was indeed a pleasant morning as I was much more excited than my daughter. For once I never had such enthusiasm as she had in doing the way she did. She defined me completely different, brought me up to be completely different from what I am inside. 

I love these challenges as a part of motherhood. 

Today morning as she draped the saree ( of course my mom’s, as I do have nothing)  -she just stunned me completely. I had a sudden rush of joy and happiness – undefinable.  She looked all grown up as she wore the saree.. completely like a matured one – better than I was. 

I just stood there gulping in those moments, just to live in the moment. In that spur of a moment , I just recollected the days when she was as tiny as I could hold her in my arms. 

Time flies away…

I am glad I am still here with her to witness these moments. 

Yet again..

I never did the same for my mom.

Apologies to her sincerely for not trying to be a little girl as she ever wanted me to. I could never be the “girlish” girl as every mom’s desire.

Perfect you

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Only Faith I see

in your eyes

all I need is those arms

to shelter me 

as I dance around the world 

beckoning me ever since I believed in love

your arms is my heaven

and your lips the only nectar I want to taste

let the time sweep away

as long as I am just yours

you carry my secrets and keep me strong

all I fight is with my own self , 

when I have to stop being in your arms.

Memoirs of rain

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Even the drizzle 

reminds me of your lips

kissing me everywhere

drenching my skin 

wetting my lips hidden

with love potion, you evolve

as our souls linger in the silence of the stars.