Be my all…

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Pamper me

Like a lil girl

struggling for attention

be my everything, wherein I can resort

with you, I find my peace

behold me close to you

love me like a mother, caring a child

care me like a father, who stay alert

be my child, when I want to feed

walk with me like my shadow

that never leaves my side

be my light, even when I shut my eyes

and darkness fall into me

be my all.



come live in me…

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Be my other half

unite with me to complete us

without you, am incomplete

as we conjoin, I feel the fullness

lose yourself in my eyes

untie all the knots

that separate us

swiftly fill the gaps amidst us

rustling my name

just hold me tight,

promising me to walk with me

even it meant miles

it is just not us, but even our shadows

sing the melody of love

that comes with the brushing of our skin

let us bring out the fire, that grows life in us

conceiving a meaningful song out of love.




memories to ponder

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Is it magic

or you just skip my heart

even after years…

the moment you appeared

way before my eyes could see

my heart sensed your presence

pulling my feet away from the next step

all I did was stand amidst the crowd

wherein memories flashed past my eyes

and there you came from the crowd

with the smile that just skips my heartbeat

echoing my name which sounded

the same with the richness of your love

filling my heart, letting it overflow.

Symbol that reminds me of you

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you paused my heart

the symbol of our love

encapsulated in my neck

dangling close to my heart

it feels like, it is just you

lingering close to my soul

it empowers me like a power within

evoking my inner strength

reminding me, am just yours.




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