Asleep till…

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Nestled by the wind

invading into my realm of thoughts

my skin tickled with the soft touch of it

evoking my passion

I lay crumbled in the warmth you left behind beside me

with my eyes shut, I could feel the brush of your skin

fluttering over me , you left marks that are unseen 

yet, as I caress myself, I could recall the touch

until you return in the wilderness of my night

your warmth linger around me 

eliciting the hidden desires. 


Walking away from anarchy

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Am I shrivelling away

at times, holding myself seems impossible

a time comes, when a simple goodbye seems hard

every morning I bid myself a goodbye

walking out into the reality

becoming an affiliation of others

running errands to meet the ends

an oblivion seems like a long-lost pining

When the anarchy becomes unendurable

I shut my ears, with the loud music

that will just leave me with my thoughts

propelling me into my escapade

wish it was always easier.



The dreaded light

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Scared as I am

querying why I have to wake up

mornings never seemed to be greeting

as it withers away my dreams

a dream that I treasure as valuable as you

as the sun rises, I see the shadow of you traversing away

away from my sight

I shut my eyes firmly to avoid the light invading my eyes

which just snatch you away from me

anticipating the nights again, I wait…