Fragmented to become the truth

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Why the thought of being away

make me feel empty

it feels like the end of my life

and feel like I am losing the grip

falling deep into the ocean of truth

that I hardly feel like breathing

I wish, for a second that my dreams behold me

keep me alive in with you

unable to think straight

I just drown into the reality

succumbing what I adorned till now

the reality is like thorns to me

I deliberated the dreams I always lived in

to be the substance

which fragmented, way before I held the key to it.




My knight

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Never Knew

the world would be impelling to me

after all the impediments I had to tackle

I was just gridlocked underneath my pierced skin

you immersed into my thoughts and broke open my horizons

took me away into the world unknown to me

never letting me down

conquering my fears and embellishing my  dreams

it was never easier to love me

you became the cure to my pain

kept me just before all you want

letting me start over again

pushing my limits to the abode

It was you, who brought me alive

from the edge of my life, I chose to lock up.




The north star

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Follow me blindly

I shall take you to life

a life you never knew

loving you was my bliss

all you just have to do is

just fade away on my skin

be the tattoo I want to adorn

keep pace with me

and forget the world behind

grab me around, feel the world in my eyes

enrich the moment with me

unfold the unspoken words that my heart echoes

love me just like you want to

be the one to set me on fire

I want to burn with you

and shower my love.

Be the warmer

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