Composing me

Sitting cross legged around me

Untie the knots I wound around me

Unwind me to bring in life

Caress the untouched

Carve me out in the space

Nudging every corner of me

Pour in the elixir of life

Let me bloom, as you go deep in me

Feel the depth of me, with the weapon of love

Master the art of engulfing my thoughts with your touch

Enticing me to engross in you

Like a riddle I want to solve

Speak as you echo the music of love

Stringing in me the melody of lust

Setting your chord in my strings

Let me be the music want to recite.

Your love rekindle me..

I want to be inscribed by you

Engraved in me is all you

It is my love that holds you

Binding our souls like one

As you slowly accent into my heart

All I feel is the warmth of you all over me

Peck away my pain

Shower me with your love

Like the first rain drizzling on the flowers bloomed

Your warmth calms my muscles

Like your smile smitten by my lips..