Ocean of endless love

A nudge of my nails

Creating the art of love on your skin

Painting the phenomenal canvas

With the dripping sweat that we ignite

Coloured with the passion of love

Sculpting me with your eyes shut

Carving me out of the shadows of my cloak

Enveloping every inch with your lips

You bring me alive throbbing me from deep within

Like a sculptor creating life in the sculpture

I am quivered by your touch

That evokes my acumen

Which can be quenched by your lips

Bringing me an ocean of endless love.

In the whisper of the night…

In the whisper of the night

I hear the heart speak

Enticing me with every beat

As the rain pours down

The wetness excites me

Frictioning my soul on yours

We spark an energy that erupts

The emotions within us

All I could feel is the roughness of you on me

Colliding into my walls

Filling me with the spur of emotions

Breaking away the barriers in me

Becoming just you and me

Together as one.