One day, …from day one

It does break my heart

Every time we bid goodbyes

I wondered why was it so painful

To leave your fingers and walk away

Even when I know, this was meant to be this way

I just wished every time, for my life to flip

Just to be yours, to stay as we want

Closer to your lips my lips survive

Until then it craves for the dampness to quench

In the warmth of your hands, lies my blossom

Which blooms like never before

Watered with your love

I become the flower you adore.

All I need is you,

Wish it was easier to be yours.

I wish to pour myself out..

Wish I could pour down

Like rain from clouds

All my agonies and thoughts

Forget the pain in the rain

Thrash my anger like the lightning

Give the coldness of my anger to the ones I hate.

I endure all this within me, as I traverse

Like a twister, twisting myself in it

One day to explode like a cyclone

Which will be the end of my journey here