My trunk full of memories

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Birthdays are always special when it comes to individuals.

The only day, when your parents smile as you lie in their arms and cry.

Being special to them, to be the guiding power in their life to fulfil their dreams is every child’s wish. Growing up seems fun when we are just kids. As the age advances, we always want to return to our childhood.

Every birthday is special right from the age we want to celebrate it. When I was a little girl, all I wanted was those impelling dolls with those blonde hairs locked in those glass-like boxes, which fascinated me.

The very first time I received the gift, I overwhelmingly accepted her into my life. I slept, ate, even took her for bath along with me. Those were the memorable days with my little dolly, who was my friend and companion.
Every day, back from school, I spent hours chit chatting and playing coffee date with her. Since she was my birthday gift, I adored her more than anything else. Slowly as the months passed, the colour began to fade away, yet never stopped admiring those blonde hairs, which was all messy when I combed. She was all mine like I could never be away from her.

As years passed, it stayed in the trunk along with the other things I held so special. It was one day when I decided to walk back into the lanes of my golden memories, where I was just Me and none else.

I missed the very Me enclosed in that trunk along with those precious ones I held dear like my memories, one day I will also fade away from the trunk and go into the deep slumber.

I wish I am also held in a closed box, in someone’s memory as I am gone… like my toys I kept safe for years.



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  1. Well written memories of a young child of her nostalgic childhood days. Continue to jot down those Good memories which can bring a lot of happiness in you and others.

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