Even a step, seemed like a mile

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Illusions clouded my passion

never knew, that I will break my heart

one day, my loved ones

became the dacoits of my dreams

they abandoned me, to the chaos of my soul

never leaving a door open for me to return

I was lost forever,

none to take me back

lost in the agony of being the worst

never I knew,

I would be punished for the world being rude to me;

I wept, stumbled on various sins

yet, none came by

I was like the boat, lost on the bay

it was just a step away, my home

yet, even a step seemed like miles away

as the hearts were closed to me.





Key to my heart…

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Drive me crazy,

as if I was the only one you belong to

fight me over

to let me cry when you kiss my pain away

let me scream

as you tickle my soul with pleasure

fill my emptiness

with all the love you shower on me

be my words

when my speech becomes numb

be the key to my heart.




Felt alive, all over

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Living was monotonous

my lungs just filled in oxygen

and breathed out,

a numbness swelling in me

dead or alive, was hard to digest

as the meaning faded in my life

you just became the earth, felt my feet

you became the oxygen, that filled every inch of me

with a peck on my lips

my heart knew, what it was flowing in and out;

my skin felt the kiss of love

you discovered inches of me, that left undiscovered;

I felt what it was like pumping blood into my heart, with a single touch

I realised the value of my eyes when it struck with your reflection

I felt alive, with you in me.






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I fell in love

As my words never stumbled, when you heard them

I fell in love

As you never interrupted me, when I speak them

I fell in love

As you only interrupted me, with a kiss

I fell in love

As it was you, I was just myself.

numerous reason, flash by my thoughts, yet it was just not that

made me fall in love with you

every other second ticked by,

you fondled my scars, my unshaped curves

yet you loved me,

your eyes, contemplated at me

as if I was a prize to be cherished.

you make feel like I always wished for.