Her Crime ….

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She was born…

She was raised as a burden…

She dreamed like everyone.. yet she was never supposed to…

She seemed to realise it lately…

Was it her crime?

She was snatched from every happiness.. Burdens on the financial stability were morphed as the reason. Yet she was granted the permission to study. She thought it was an opportunity for her to be independent.

She never knew what shelter was, as she abused in the name of it. She thought, that being abused was meant to be love. She never realised or learned what real love meant to be, as she was abandoned in the name of many things -unknown to her…

Was it her crime ?

She studied, but she was not well fed for being good -as she adulterated with poison at an early stage. She was never meant to be cured, none cared too… instead, devils hunted for her at every stage…

Tainted once, was hard to hallow again.

Even when she portrayed the morality, a black mark is indeed a mark -which never fades away.

She loved -lost it recurringly-when the case of credibility arose. Even when she wished to be what she wants, she was thrown into the gutters of black marks which she never earned but was stabbed with it.

She stepped into a life, making her own heaven, but again she was broken, never to be mended again.

Her dreams were always snatched away in the name of responsibilities. Never once she was granted the permission to spread her wings and fly away into her own world. She wept, prayed and craved for the freedom she wished for, but everyone turned a deaf ear to her.

Delight in smaller quantities was bestowed to her. But it was again a set back in her life, where she had to give up the wings she sustained in her life for over years. She cried but never broke away. She began to pull in more dreams, through everything she could to build another world of her own, something she never dreamed about.

She built her own solace walls, hung up all things she could dream about to keep her motivated, every time when a stranger comes and knock her down.

Destiny never favoured her.

She found her dream and the person to keep her dream alive forever. Both she valued the most.

Every time she is irritated with an external thrust to quit both, to be caged again in the name of rules, controls and obligation.

It was killing her every moment, yet she knew none could help her. Only the way out in her path was death-which she assumed to take it as the last resort.

She walked on thorns, quitting every wish in her life to seeking her new dream, which was helping her breathe.

She was impure always …and will remain the same forever for all …

Even when she considered it as their inability to understand her…

For her, it was all a game of GOD, and she trusted that power to the core. As and when she lost the dearest possession, she stayed strong.

She was asked to sacrifice everything she adorned ..

Was it her mistake, that she is never labelled to own anything she aspired?

But she was strong enough to survive…

as she will endure until the end…

loosing is never knew her now, as she learned the art of mending her soul to the outside world, even when she wept inside…

She knew, she will be blamed every other moment as she never walked away from all these, even when she never deserved anything other than being just a renounced life.

She would never be entitled as unsullied, even when she deceives her life to keep others happier.

She will survive… as she never learned to give up …that is what her life taught her till then…

She survives..as a crime for others to slaughter her dreams…

An endeavour that she promised herself to continue, the moment she realised she was none for others..




  1. this piece is so so needed and needs to be read and internalised by ALL – powerful and profound and challenging and deeply moving and once again – so so many need to read this most articulate piece. thank you Sreepriya for this.

    May the struggle for equality and justice and human dignity and gender-rights be fought until antiquated notions and convenient “traditions” and “religious beliefs” and the hiding behind the cloak of “culture” be smashed down so that a more equitable and just world be ushered in.

    thank you for this!

    Dignity and Respect and Equality and Freedom for All βœŒβœŠπŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

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