dewdrops on you..

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Being apart ,

kills me more than ever

I long for the caress of your handsĀ  on me

as I fall asleep in your arms

the touch that brings me alive

everything with you is special to me

the way we shared every bite of my favourite dish

with a kiss ..

the way you entice my nerves as you approach me

slowly pacing your way closer to me

as I fumble under your arms..

I gasp my breath, feeling breathless

even when I am breathing your aroma

you blind me, with your charms

take me in your arms

let me be the dew drops closer to your heart.




You broke away the entropy

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Entropy ruled my mind

until I enfolded you

until you came into my life

I doubted what I ever wanted

you carry me like am so fragile

never letting my heart break away

the moment we made love

the hidden renegade in me aroused

I fell in love with the pain, that you made with love

until then the pain was scary

but with you, the pain also seemed the sweetest

I let myself loose in your arms

to let you explore the depths of me

never leave my side

as I am addicted to you in me

as the fire and ice, just keep me warm

before I melt you in me




A crumbled soul..

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The look in your eyes

scares me at times

remind me the world is never the same

as I assumed it to be

everything went astray with me

when I matched those eyes

the wolf eyes, that stole everything from me

broke me completely

fragmenting the peace in my dreams

evoking my demons

turning me into the devil I was scared to be

running away was impossible

as the thoughts haunted me

now and then all along

the clutches too strong to just untag

scars may mend away

though the depth never seal

a pain I endure all along.


Entwined in the pain you caused

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Falling for you

Would never be the same

even when you are near me

The pain you endowed on me

never took away the whole of you from me

every moment, you are recalled to me

through various flashes, I witness every day

like frozen for a moment

the world pause for me

to bring you alive from my memory

though all along you,

I burn you into ashes for the pain you inflicted me

you arise like the phoenix from the ashes

to remind me of the pain, I had endured.