The ones she loved, pushed her into the dungeons

Image result for she was imprisoned

Awake she lay, as her mind was battling

ever since her heart knew the pain of sacrifice

at a tender age, she lost her freedom

at an age unknown to her, she lost her individuality

again and again, she was exploited

unknows voices, unknown hands groped her thoughts and her body

her dreams were only just dreams

reality never bloomed

she loved .. yet she failed to fulfil the wishes

as she was afraid to commit

she had lost the self-belief

her walks of life were always away from the depths of her thoughts

she dreamed much more, just to be shattered into pieces

she missed the love, she yearned the most

she lay in the vacant land

where even the rain could never

quench the land

light of her life was always driven away

by the ones, she loved the most…




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