The world paused for us

Image result for couple hugging in the misty mountains

Misty mountains enticing me to walk away

into the cloud, like the dreams

beholding my breath I walked away to the top

luring beauty of the luscious greenery from up there

paused me for a second,

the panting of my heart was echoing in the silence

as all walked away, leaving me to plunge into the magic

amidst the clouding mist, two eyes appeared shining brightly

seized my attention, it was him,

a face so familiar, so known to me

but the eyes spoke a language, unknown to me

before the words began, all he did was seizing me

sloping me closer encompassing me into a world of his own

it was just my ears and his heartbeat there,

for a split second, I was in cloud nine

where it tantalizing

there was a tinge of reality I spotted in the distance

where the crowd walked away into the mist

for a moment, I wished that the pulsating heart,

echoing in my ears, was mine forever

like the push of life, I awakened from the deep dream

Just to realise that how much I wanted him

Dream paused, bringing me back to harsh reality,

He and I remained the same, even when dream remained a dream…

Which was the sweetest lie we convinced ourselves

Treasuring the most cherished friendship, we sailed the seas of life.


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