Escapade into you

The chemistry of love..

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As I sat at the edge,

overlooking the vastness of the ocean

kissed by the sky so high 

the chemistry, they shared fascinated me

beguiling me to fall in love so deep that evoke the storms

even when the ocean built storms, the sky knew when to bring sunshine

the loved and played day and night,

during the day, the ocean coloured itself in the bluishness of the sky

and in the night, the ocean adorned the darkness of the sky 

where only the stars differentiated to keep the travellers safe

the beauty of their love was beckoning

impelling me to be the ocean, as he becomes the sky.


To the greatest teacher

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I learn and unlearn 

everything from you

every since I was born

I learned the magic of touch, from you

You taught me numerous things, 

never on a blackboard, that could be erased

but in the depth of things you do 

I am not an incarnation of you

but all I wish is to be a mom like you

Despite hurting you many ways,

call it, my immaturity, my age or whatsoever

you love me more than anyone in the world can.


~~~To my mom, who loves me with all my flaws~~~~~




An untold wish

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Out of the blue,

a hand extends

tapping slowly on your back

the stroke is something most wanted

to make you feel wanted

the unspoken words that soak your eyes

conveying you that you are doing great

just keep going, as I held you safe in my arms.



~~~An untold wish ~~~~~