The cure, to my pain

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All I waited along

treading all the way through hurdles

unknown paths, that hurt me all alone

unknown words that echoed in my ears to move on

until the whispers became the reality

the touch that set me on fire

my wait that led my path

the thirst that was burning me

at one point, i thought you faded away

yet  there was a call from deep within

that awoke me from the deepest slumber, i put myself in

you became the light, who shined into my darkness

you are the cure to my pain,

I felt high, when you are beside me

you put me into life , loving me deeply.

Everything conspires us to be together…

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your voice is sweeter than honey

impels me to taste the honey drops

the untouched touches, excites me even when you are away

thoughts about you leave me in dilemmas

of how you excite me , even when you are never near me

in the middle of the nights, from nowhere I wake up

just as you needed me, I am shaken from the sleep

as if your voice whispered in my ears

I hug you, the thin air around me ,cuddles like

am holding on to you

even the breeze conspires to make us feel like one

you just kiss away my eyes to sleep

into the dreams where we are never apart.


Be my last…..but mine forever

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You may not be the first

but I want you to be the last

the last to take away all my love

the last I kissed

the last to fall in love

the last who takes my breath away

the one who loves me crazily

the one who can skip my heart with a smile

the one who can make me smile with teary eyes

my happiness, my sorrow .. all becomes meaningful with you

every drop of tear , my eyes let go, is contained by you

never being crazier , as I am with you

be the last for me…

the last i breath along  and in….as death parts our way…



Love like we are nestled in each other….

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We get minutes like memories

short and filled in emotions

every second is like years to look forward

every touch is like every breath we take

living in your arms is all I desire

even when it means minutes to count

I would cherish it, until the next comes

we become the nest , for each other,

where love reigns …

like the flower blooming in the dawn

I bloom at your sight

wana sail along in the deep sea of love with you

as long as , you and me breathe together

like we give away breath to each other ,

living becomes legendary…as we love….

Happy Independence Day