Engrossed in me,as if I was crafted for you…

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The proximity of your body

excites mine,

invigorating my soul to propel

myself on to you

like magnets attracting

an aroma propels that magically bounds our souls

entwining in each other’s arms,

I forget the world, who shut away from me

as I close my eyes, where I see only you

engrossed in me, as if I am the only one

crafted for you.



Letting one walk away, is painful…

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A pain I never endured

it was like, I was losing a piece of me…

losing something, that contained me

for a moment, even the seconds seemed painful

without you in it

it was like thorns thrusting into me..

even when far, you fill me with a desire to live

it was hard to let go,

I couldn’t do what the words could say as my tears rolled down

never knew walking away was so much painful

every part of me yearned for you

my ears wished for a callback

hands, yearned for you to hold me back

lips, to be sealed by yours

eyes, to be wiped by your fingers..

unbearable pain, it was,

making me realise, my life was never without you.



The more I see, my heart floods with love…

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You let me never defeat,

You walk beside me, upholding my courage

as you save me from drowning in my fears

I grab on to you, as you are the last resort for me,

you are the fulfilling promise of my life

that fills in me the blooming flowers

with you, a life is my dream

a dream, that I yearn the most

the more I see you,

my heart floods with love

unable to harness my feelings

my words trigger my fingers to open it, in the blank pages of my life

where your love is filling in all the colours

building a nest in my heart, you are living in me

like forever mine.

As your thoughts …stumble on mine…

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As your thoughts

stumble my thoughts,

I skip a beat …

I realise how much I crave you

as I close my eyes, I see you on my lap

underneath the blankets, looking deep into my eyes

as I caress your forehead ..

as and when the breeze kiss me, it feels like

your breath falling on my skin ,

as the sky shower, it is like

you kiss me all over…

your love revives me,

making me feel like life beside you

is the best I have earned.