Being emotional , we are targeted

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An off-late realisation, crossing my mind, even though this bothered me for quite some time.

Yes, indeed, we being the emotional fools.. “yes” – fools are tricked multiple times. Rather knowingly or unknowingly. Precisely I say, knowingly being utilized. Most of the times, we just let things happen, even when we know we cannot handle it well enough .. We let people target ourselves, and use it to the maximum until we have nothing to lose.

Sad !!

Isn’t it. Yes !! But nothing can be done in that case. Being truly truthful to ourselves, we know we don’t fool our hearts, but let them be baffled for some time.

Me being an “emotional idiot” mostly land up in troubles as well as delve into something unusual… Do you think I really don’t’ know? No.. you are wrong, I know I am putting my self into a trouble, even though I do not know how to run out of it. I just wait -watch and dissolve in it. 

The interesting part of being a woman is that even our kids emotionally fool us. Just for getting their things done. Should we be like this all along?

I really don’t know, but at times, It leads me to think, being so emotional and attached is causing me a lot more than I can imagine.

Most women who are emotionally tied up

  • Loose freedom
  • Loose job
  • Loose opinions
  • Lose their stance
  • Loose their power

So what do they gain actually?

Again as my thoughts itching my brain, I understood we(emotional beings) are here to be the shoulder to cry on, to lean on, to be the base support( even when we are crushed under it).


Finally, I understood, what emotional beings are for. At times it is wise enough to be silent and emotional, in front of those futile ones, who never know what they are up to.

A winner is a winner , only when there are losers to fail, else it must be a self-race. 


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