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What are the ingredients that #MakesDreams?

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Two is a number.
Too is an adverb that means also
To is used to express motion, direction, intention, etc.

For example:
I would like to become an entrepreneur.

I too would like to become an entrepreneur.
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Doing what is right , even when it is hurting is better

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We are humans, so naturally, we all are ought to be in situations, which are totally absurd and irrelevant or even inescapable.

What do we do then? 

It is hard to say, yet not hard to do.

Most of the times we sugar coat the lies and present them in the most admirable manner, catching the utmost attention. At times, it is irrelevant and unnecessary too.

Imagine you have a baby who eats every minute. It is like unstoppable hunger. Sometimes, it is just not the baby, but the mother itself, overfeeding the baby. I don’t know how far mothers can relate to this, there are times, I have noticed someones assuming that the baby needs more food, as it is not clearly seen on their body.

I look at the child, and in utter shock, I have asked myself several times ” Is she mad, can’t they see the baby is clearly fit and fine, why they have to toss this much food into them :O”.

What do you do?

A totally emotional mom like me will try to fill her/his platter the very moment they ask for it thinking they are actually starving. Luckily kids are totally weird to impress us that they are hungry.

But is it right?

No !! We shouldn’t be doing so, as feeding your child excessively is harmful to his/her health. So what you should be doing?

Great !! That’s when we need to think right. Kick your emotional side off the plate, and strictly say “NO” to your child.

It is expected that they might show off tantrums unbearable. But firmly assure your mind that, you are indeed doing right.

Growing number of obesity-related illness in kids is alarming, hence it is important for each and every parent to check twice what they offer their child to eat. You might be hurting him/her for an instance, but it is for their better future.

Everything we do for the child has something beneficial in the long run. Be it education, or health or even money. Unwanted supply of money to soothe a demand is crucial for any child mental development. It might be an easy trick to calm down the current scenario, but, it is never a wise step.

A small pinch in time will save the lifetime. 

Hence, a small hurt will be just temporary as compared to the biggest trauma coming on your way.

Being emotional , we are targeted

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An off-late realisation, crossing my mind, even though this bothered me for quite some time.

Yes, indeed, we being the emotional fools.. “yes” – fools are tricked multiple times. Rather knowingly or unknowingly. Precisely I say, knowingly being utilized. Most of the times, we just let things happen, even when we know we cannot handle it well enough .. We let people target ourselves, and use it to the maximum until we have nothing to lose.

Sad !!

Isn’t it. Yes !! But nothing can be done in that case. Being truly truthful to ourselves, we know we don’t fool our hearts, but let them be baffled for some time.

Me being an “emotional idiot” mostly land up in troubles as well as delve into something unusual… Do you think I really don’t’ know? No.. you are wrong, I know I am putting my self into a trouble, even though I do not know how to run out of it. I just wait -watch and dissolve in it. 

The interesting part of being a woman is that even our kids emotionally fool us. Just for getting their things done. Should we be like this all along?

I really don’t know, but at times, It leads me to think, being so emotional and attached is causing me a lot more than I can imagine.

Most women who are emotionally tied up

  • Loose freedom
  • Loose job
  • Loose opinions
  • Lose their stance
  • Loose their power

So what do they gain actually?

Again as my thoughts itching my brain, I understood we(emotional beings) are here to be the shoulder to cry on, to lean on, to be the base support( even when we are crushed under it).


Finally, I understood, what emotional beings are for. At times it is wise enough to be silent and emotional, in front of those futile ones, who never know what they are up to.

A winner is a winner , only when there are losers to fail, else it must be a self-race.