Life is too short to stop

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Over the recent happenings around me, which took me to the deep dungeons of my thoughts, I couldn’t help myself from writing this.

I lost the most important pillar of my life in the last month, which left me no choice to think, what exactly my life has to give. My routines never change, my food never changes, I don’t follow any different lifestyle – AM mostly living in a monotony.

Will that be worth living? 

I don’t know yet, but yes I am thinking over and over it again. All life we just do things, as we are following the footsteps. For me, yes am mostly following the footsteps of my mom – with a lil deviation. The deviation is that , Am pursuing what I always wanted to, within the limited space of time and living.

Off late, many sudden incidents are capturing my thoughts, shaking my reality away. Till then, I was never a plan person, I love surprises (though I don’t have any ) and  I love unplanned life. But now I guess, in the recent renditions, I need to have a bucket list. 

Again, Needless to say, I do not know what to add in my bucket list.

Life is too short. 

I do not know what I might wish in the very next minute. But I wish I could be happier when I die, even if it is now or later.

Just to keep myself motivated, I jotted down a few points  for myself and for everyone like me :

  1. Do not just live to be washing machine and a dishwasher.
  2. Take a deviation, for achieving your dreams.
  3. If you are too sensitive like me, choose to do what you like, within the diameter of your lifestyle.
  4. Enjoy your best moments with your family and friends.
  5. Do take time out with friends. ( Which I need to solely count on.. which is never happening..thnx to my friends, who are more like me 😛 )
  6.  Explore your hidden potentials, technology is giving you the chance to be on your own at your comfort ( Explore, .. you get wonderful opportunities to explore and work on )
  7. Count your blessings, than your problems. ( it is hard to find blessing in this selfish society, though) .
  8.  You don’t have to compete always, enjoy the small race of life to achieve the best moments.
  9. Be with your child, there is nothing more than watching them grow.
  10. Be the best of you always and forever.

I do not know how far people can relate to this. But for me yes.

Money comes and leaves too… but memories stay forever, make good memories or be a part of the good memories, you will be loved forever. 

I just wish, I could live my life conquering every hurdle I encounter with a smile and never repent on my death bed, that “I could never live”.

Have blessed Life !!!!

Life is just once, let us live it.  



    • Thank you so much… I hope to fullfil my part of life….thnx for being a part of it. Good to have you here… Hv a blessed sunday !!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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