Love and Hurt

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Every song we listen to

Every word we read

Every thought that come by

Every word, pins into our heart

only when, there is love and hurt.

The two are so interlaced that when one leaves the other arrives

or are pulled in and out as required

I love that it hurts me 

I am hurt as I love the most.


Born to be entwined

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Away as I go,

Leaving you to drift away

I kept looking back

even when I was strong enough to hold on

it is never easy, as I ever thought it would be

as we outgrew each other from the same root

slowly and steadily, entangling into a single soul

I couldn’t cut the roots away, as it began to bleed

even before the knife touched it

I let the branches outgrow to be a full-grown tree

that gifted the world, the fruit of true love. 


Awaiting the sweeping wind

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The worst might come by,

sweeping away, everything that I own

yet, I know, you will be by my side

strengthening me from beneath

upholding me from drowning 

Wrong or right, All I know is 

I did what my heart echoes.

You let go my dreams, letting them fly and gain freedom.

which were hidden underneath my wings chained to the ground

with the soft breath of your words in my ears,

you unlocked the dreams which I envisioned 

like the wind embracing me,

you embraced my faults and took me as yours.