becoming homeless

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Never knew, what is like being dead inside

every pain around me is numbing my soul

as I lay in the cocoon of love created by you

all I ever needed was to be living in it

as the world around me, scared me to the core

I just do not want to breathe in and out

but live to the fullest

with you by my side,

but as I decided to do so, breaking away my cocoon

the flood began…

taking away my home, the only shelter I lived in

now, the homeless me wandered aroundĀ 

with the flow of the river, that took meĀ 

away and far.


Where our heart beats echoed in our ears

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(image Courtesy : Corcell)

You awaken the mother as well as the child in me

as I lay cuddling you, letting you spoon into my body

you held your tiny little fingers caressing my cheeks

as if I was the little one,

kissing on my nose, rekindling my emotions

as I lay with my eyes open, watching you drift slowly into sleep

holding my hands closer to your tiny heart..that beats heavenly in my ears

I re-live the moment you were in my womb

where you and I had the single heartbeat echoing in our ears.