Confronting the “NOT” ME

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You cast a shadow over my thoughts

envisaging a story of your own,

portraying me to be someone you desired

numbing my veins, to inject it into me

Camouflaged by your emotions,

I was swimming in those cloudy areas of your imagination

stranded one day, when the fog cleared

I realised ” It wasn’t me, here”

As if lost in the darkness,

enchanted by the charms, I drove into a foggy night

awakening from the dreams, I never designed

I decided to walk away

To be just who I was. 


A moment with you….

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Thoughts overshadowing

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Winter is inviting me..

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As the cold breeze

kindle my soul

I reassure my self, I am still alive

the quick shiver that chills my body

the cold breath that falls making me quiver in the winter

all I wish is the touch of warmth

as your eyes fall on me,

I see the smile that spreads wide on your face

killing me from inside

all I want is to be grabbed in your arms

As you extend your arms, there is nothing that pulls me back

I just throw myself onto you

like the waves splashing on the sand

but it was me who got drenched , and not you ..



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