Loneliness VS being alone

You and Me

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an unspoken word,

an unsatisfied urge,

a step never, taken

a promise, that never sworn

a dream never conquered,

a wind that never collected,

a drop that never quenched,

a cloud that never cried

a star that never shone,

that is you and me,

    who never united, yet traversed together forever.

an echo from inside….

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Be my eyes to the world

Be my ears, to listen to the world

Feel me in your palms

As you caress, I feel the heartbeat

echoing in my ears

budding a smile in my closed eyes

Being in you overjoys me

as your eyes long to see me

your heartbeat renders a sweet music to my ears

helping me to survive the deep slumber

before I get to see your world. 

— echoed my little baby in my womb.



Messages you sent

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As it dawns,

I opened my eyes;

not to break my dreams,

wishing, that you were near me

cuddling as in my dreams.

every day would be heaven for me

in your arms, that desired me the most

your feather touch is the one I longed every second

at nights, wherein I trod lonely

even the whispers of the wind teased me

with your name.

kissing on my cheeks, as if they were

conveying your messages to me. 



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