I am just “ME”, when I am with you.

Image result for as your love for me

Giving away the right pieces of me

to the wrong ones,

I am tired of it

nothing I received other than hurt and judgment

as you came to me

I had nothing but bits of me here and there

as you took each piece of me

it was hurting you and me

yet, as you touched every piece

aligning it all, even when mismatched

it became a broken me

but plastered well with your soul

the world never saw the broken me

even my tears fed your soul

keeping me alive like never before

I never knew what to do

as I never knew how to love you

but yet,

I loved you more than yesterday and much more than today.



  1. Unspoken love is more beautiful than the spoken… It is the sweetest…faster heartbeats… Not been able to look at the eyes.. Shivering lips… Did you experience such love…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea..it’s the beautiful one…unspoken. One way love.. It’s hard to keep it as a secret..but has to be


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