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Like the smoke from the cigar….

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He was like smoke

from his cigar

that filled my whole self with him

even when he left by my side

his presence rendered always

the moment I forget that he was near me

he crawls into me reminding

I am never alone

brightening up my smile

his aroma was never leaving me alone

like the smoke rising from his cigar

I was fuming with him around

like I was the cigar he was smoking.


Lost in the infinty of life

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Lost in the sea

unable to find my land

I drifted like a log in the water

unable to track my path

thrashed by strong waves

cuddled by the softer ones

I continued my journey

to an unknown destination

the saltiness of the sea blinded me

ageing me way before I wished

as I was finally gone, 

I was broken to pieces

where one piece of me brought in a new life

which I never gave birth, but saved in my death.


Right one to board, I awaited

Image result for the bus took away , as i waited at the bus stop

Waving at the last window

that passed me

I looked away to the horizon

till which my vision took me

the distance which was infinite to me

the bus took on its journey

every window seemed to say a different story

some smiling, some waving, some lost, some winking

I sat there waiting at the stop,

where none turned up

awaiting the right bus to come up

and take me away to my destiny.


I am just “ME”, when I am with you.

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Giving away the right pieces of me

to the wrong ones,

I am tired of it

nothing I received other than hurt and judgment

as you came to me

I had nothing but bits of me here and there

as you took each piece of me

it was hurting you and me

yet, as you touched every piece

aligning it all, even when mismatched

it became a broken me

but plastered well with your soul

the world never saw the broken me

even my tears fed your soul

keeping me alive like never before

I never knew what to do

as I never knew how to love you

but yet,

I loved you more than yesterday and much more than today.