Becoming a woman , I want to be

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A woman is an anomaly

powerful as she is

to ignite what none can

proving none to the world

she drifts like a feather on earth

leaving her footprints everywhere

even on the face of those, who curb her freedom

the power in her to rise against all odds

to be the one to contain every emotion

untaped  desires which add to power to her

she is the one, that every man need

She holds him close to her, like roots to the ground

firmly, to build a home of their own.


Do not Judge ME


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Judge me with my pen,

you name me as none


the woman in me is a bird, who is never caged

words are the freedom I utter

not just to my soul to the world

I write to ease my pain

unable to write ; 

will be the last for me

words I play in my heart 

is the way I exhaust my life

do not condemn me, just to my words

do not limit my freedom to be just,

what you want me to be, to your satisfaction

I am none if you do not need me

I am the one if you ever need a friend.




The wait.

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Storm : Devil & Angel

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