I am scared of not being with you..

Image result for am scared to lose you

Why I do I feel I am loosing?

When you are just mine

I could still feel the touch of yours

I could still feel your breath on my face

even apart, I know our souls are entwined

you are not just a dream,  to me

you are the soul I live in

I breathe you like my words

once I stop writing

it would be the end of the world where you and I lived

I fear as you drift away

when I know you are just mine forever.


12 thoughts on “I am scared of not being with you..

      1. Oh Priya, usually I don’t have words to express the joy of reading your poems and sayings. Your words have become part of my portion of the pleasant life.
        I love your angel-devil affair. Not that we’re bad, but it gives us confidence that we don’t have to be always saints.
        I am not alone, a few my friends also adore this part, for sure.
        So be assured, you have some very devoted and committed fans 😍

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          1. You are most welcome Priya. I want to be there, at least in the sidelines, to see your publications and watch the world cheering the celebrity.
            I have already introduced your works to some friends. They liked reading your blogs and asked me how I know you.
            I tell them ‘oh she’s my friend’. I do.
            Most important, no other writer has kindled my passion and imagination and given me happiness, like your works.
            Me a self declared ‘most ardent fan of yours’

            Liked by 1 person

                  1. And you know Priya, we all want to be seen as angels. But there’s a devil in us. Take my case, I am a darling generally. But there’s a devil in me and a few very close people, including my wife know that.
                    And now you make them fall in love. That’s like wiping out the guilt in me.
                    So you can see how you have influenced my happiness 😊😍

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