Ocean of my love

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You are the circumference of my world

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You surround me 

your soul entwines me

it is nothing else that keeps me bonded

before I could reckon

I just want to live up all the moments with you again

like ocean waves, our memories wavering in my mind

even death can never partake me from you

I want to behold you like my eyelids

you make my word

you are the circumference of  my world

under the blanketed sky, I only want moments with you

that will haunt me till death and ever. 


Symphony of love

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Whisper to me in my ears

“you are my world”

The words that echo when our lips meet

Your silence spells a magic in my heart

tearing me apart is the distance between us

I want the nights with you that never ends

the mornings that never dawns

loving you every second, much more than the previous 

reading every letter inscribed on your lips

beckoning every kiss that sweetens my lips

sweating every second in your warmth 

I wanna lay on your lap, unspoken 

as our heart whispers the symphony of love.