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The darkest monster

shadowed the blue world

showering and wetting everything 

that came beneath it

every raindrop looked like

overwhelmed on reaching the ground

felt like they ran off, as they touched the land

the rest sliding on my windowpane

some stayed there, puzzled and dazed

some collected poodles 

forming a new empire,

that either dried off or just splashed away

this is my life – a raindrop. 

Mine or others ?

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Angel && Devil

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Me – the ocean of love

you chose to quench your thirst

as you encroached me

I salted myself

dipping in me to colour yourself

you had nothing but salt everywhere

I was poisoning myself in it

you quenched your thirst, but it was just not me.



There was no more you…but us

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You saw me as a sapling

growing up to be something you desired

as I sprouted, you watered me

but I fell off, as I needed a support

you noticed me stumbling as I grew

supporting me, like a stem

I grew budding new leaves 

blooming flowers

growing up towards the sky

you were covered in me

like I embalmed you in my love

I was a creeper 

a creeper that crept on to your body

becoming one with you.