A memory I will be one day

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A memory I will be one day

never able to drift along with you

I will be the air you want to breathe

I will be in the air that surrounds you

embracing you, like always

like the rocks thrashed with the waves

I hit your memory

wetting your eyes as often I visit

yet, bringing in a smile of our fond memories

that can never be recreated

I remain in your surrounding

visiting you in your dreams, as you slip into the deep sleep

will be my life, after I leave my being





  1. I can’t imagine anyone dying… It is the most horrifying…. If that is loved one… No never… I can dye before it happens…. I wont cry if I got wound or fracture…. But I cry if my loved one hurt…. Oh God… Please save all my loved ones…. Thought itself is miserable…. Priya you make me cry

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    • Oh am sorry…i didnt intend to upset u…its a part n parcel of life..an undeniable portuon. Even am scared of the same. Every pain is a pain…if u suffer or me..


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