You contain my pain and fears

Image result for you contain my fears and pain


Your smile

Skip my heartbeat

even when my eyes are welled with tears

your shoulder takes up every drop coming to it

your fingers wiping it 

your lips adorning my forehead

your eyes whispering thousands of words in my ears

emotions overflowed like a filled vessel

you contained my emotions and fears

letting me flow into you like a river

unobstructed and uncontained. 




  1. Music therapy …1. Ho gaya he tuchko to pyar sajna…
    2. Mehandi lagake rahna…. These songs rejuvenate me still now…. Before marriage one boy used to increase the volume when I walked before him…. That made me smile… Still now😊😊😊good morning….. Be positive…..

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  2. Musical thoughts.. A boy used to give me the cassettes of kumar sanu. I listened them as if someone is singing from heart. This boy also had husky voice…. Female singer.. Alka yagnic.. The boy said I look like her.. I have to cut my front hair short. I did so but no other find that resemblance… I married a man who used to sing very loudly. When he whisper, the person in the 4th villa will answer… I started listening udit narayan, yesudas… Open voice is also good…
    Lesson… Be positive…
    Funny line… Be positive dissolves in my blood…
    Happy… Good morning… 😏😏😏😏

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