Being your Daughter – is my blessing

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Even if I ever lose my memory

you would be the face, I would ever recollect

Your face and skin recognises me 

like the heartbeat and the heart

once I was in unison with your heartbeat

even when I chose a world to live which you showed me

I could never be away from you

You carved my life 

You bestowed me your breath

Even when I strayed away

You brought me back 

Numerous fights and applauds we had

yet, none can ever replace you in my life

You are my mom, forever, and ever

being your daughter is my greatest blessing. 



7 thoughts on “Being your Daughter – is my blessing

  1. Nice post dear… “Happy women’s day.. being male I am Happy to wish you very Happy international women’s. ” …. Not only today but I wish you grow and have a Beautiful safe secure life every day”…
    With all respect… I would like to say…
    “I know God exists because you exist…” 🙏

    Keep smiling. 🙂

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    1. Am glad you liked my post. Every man and woman should realise, they both are requisite for life to be on earth. That id when all stop fightinh for equality. Happy day to you too for making the day special for the women in your life.

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