Being your Daughter – is my blessing

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Even if I ever lose my memory

you would be the face, I would ever recollect

Your face and skin recognises me 

like the heartbeat and the heart

once I was in unison with your heartbeat

even when I chose a world to live which you showed me

I could never be away from you

You carved my life 

You bestowed me your breath

Even when I strayed away

You brought me back 

Numerous fights and applauds we had

yet, none can ever replace you in my life

You are my mom, forever, and ever

being your daughter is my greatest blessing. 



Being yours….is my delight

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Evade into my life

Let me struggle in your arms

as you hold me tight

thrilling my inner being

awakening my pores

tingling my body

as you brush your unshaved face on my cheeks

the way you treasure me in your arms

I feel special always 

Being your woman is my pride. 

Being Mom- the best part of being Woman

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I chose my priorities 

You became my priority

I chose my  insecurities

you chose to be my insecurity

I chose to be your home

You returned to me every day

I chose to be me

You embraced me

I became a mother

As you called me mom.


I am a Woman, Not Just Today , But Everyday


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We Bleed 

We cry

We bid farewells

We are not brittle, but easily broken

We do not want reservations 

we want to be considered 

Words utter ” we want equality”

Deeds unheard of them 

Betray me, I would never look back

Treat me well, you will taste heaven

Mislead me, you will see hell

I am Woman, not just Today, but Every day.