The madness of loving you

As I shut my eyes

All I see is you

Thrusting my fingers on my bed

Pushing yourself on to my edges

Clothing my naked self with your body

Ensuring that nothing in me is visible

Encroaching my thoughts with your passionate kiss

Blank as my thoughts go

I loosen myself to let you in

As you are my paradise

I would sink in every moment.

Perfumed by you

Enchanted by your smile

Bewitched by your presence

Enticed in your warmth

I forget the world around me

Wished to be breathed by you

Consuming me to the fullest

Filling me in your veins

As if I was never away from you

Feel me on your skin

As I brush my fingers on your hardness

Melting away you in my warmth

I soak myself in your love

Perfumed by you

I revitalize my soul

Awakening in your arms

Like a new flower.